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Pikachu needs constant care and feeding. He counts the steps you make whenever you wear him. He tells you "Pikachu is OK with you!" and may even one day announce that "Pikachu loves you!" This will happen as you continue to wear the unit while going about your daily activities.

The unit which houses Pikachu is yellow and is about the size of a very large watch. Half the front of the console is taken up by a GameBoy screen featuring Pikachu. At the top of the screen is a pedometer which counts the steps I've made during the day. It converts the steps into wattage and then as gifts to Pikachu who thrives on electricity. There are three icons at the top of the screen.

The first allows you to see precisely how long a walk has taken. It also has an alarm to warn you when you have to be somewhere. The second icon is in the form of a present. It allows you to feed Pikachu the wattage you've generated by walking that day.

The third icon is in the form of coins which allows you to access the game. The challenge is to get three pictures the same so you can earn up to 500 points. At the bottom of the console are the normal GameBoy controls that are used much the same way as the GameBoy controls are used. This makes my unit very easy to access and use.

Pokemon Pikachu allows you to care for Pikachu and watch him having fun playing his daily games or doing his chores. He washes, brushes his teeth and even uses building blocks. Pokemon Pikachu is electrifying fun and I am looking forward to the day when he says "Pikachu loves you"!