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Mew is the rarest of all Pokemon and has only been seen by a handful people around the world. (Mew is the 151st Pokemon.) Mew's secret story: Deep in the dark green jungles of South America a rumor has begun. It is a story so fantastical it may not be real. Then rumor turned to report and sightings were filed and verified. It was true.The scientists all agreed. This was the evidence they were all waiting for, a moment of wonder! Mew exists!

For the 151st Pokemon existed and his name became Mew. Not a great deal was yet known about Mew. This mythical Pokémon possesses fine, short delicate hair but is known to be very powerful in battle. Of all the Pokémon, Mew remains the rarest. A growing number of people have seen Mew recently…

What's so good about Mew
Mew is so rare that you will not find the creature within any of the current Pokémon games. Mew is a Psychic monster (not much more that that is known about the elusive monster however it is up to you the Pokémon trainer to discover and observe the intricacies of this rare creature).