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P.K. (Men of Integrity) changed their Statement of Faith to suit Catholics. The incident was exposed by the July 20, 1997 issue of the Catholic newspaper ‘Our Sunday Visitor’.

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Here are the excerpts:

"…In June, Promise Keepers hosted a 'catholic summit' at its headquarters in Denver, sounding out Catholic volunteers and leaders from around the country."

"…"Promise Keepers founder Bill McCartney told Our Sunday Visitor recently that full catholic participation was his intention from the start."

"…"Back in 1992, at our first stadium event, we very clearly stated from the podium that we eagerly welcomed the participation of Roman Catholics…"

"…earlier this year, Promise Keepers amended its statement of faith, revising the lines that Catholics had found offensive"

"… profound differences remained between the evangelicals of Promise Keepers and Catholics who were sympathetic. Last year, Promise Keepers published a 'statement of faith' with lines that seemed to be crafted to exclude Catholics---or force them to reject their Catholic faith."

"Section five of the Promise Keepers credo read: 'We believe that man was created in the image of God, but because of sin, was alienated from God. That alienation can be removed only by accepting, through faith alone, God's gift of salvation, which was made possible by Christ's death.'"

"'Faith alone' is a key doctrine of the Protestant Reformation. Though the phrase appears nowhere in Scripture, it was inserted by Martin Luther into his German translation of the Bible."

"Concerned about this development at Promise Keepers, Sengenberger had several Catholic theologians review the statement and present their objections to Wagner last summer."

"Early this year, Promise Keepers revised the statement in a way that passed theological muster with those Catholics. 'Only through faith, trusting in Christ alone for salvation, which was made possible by His death and resurrection, can that alienation be removed.'"

"Paul Edwards, Promise Keepers' vice president for advancement, explained that the statement of faith is a 'dynamic' document, and that Promise Keepers is open to change."

"'Truth and unity are equal, but in tension,' said Edwards, who was raised a Catholic but now attends a nondenominational church. 'We try to present truth, not washed down, yet not truth that devolves into denominational squabbles'" (Mike Aquilina, Our Sunday Visitor, July 20, 1997, pp. 10,11).

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This article by Mike Aquilina of "Our Sunday Vistor" July 20, 1997, was recovered from microfilm
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