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Bottom of Mount. Draceon

As you reach the bottom of the mountian you look up as the mist clears and then you see A white horse with wings flying towards you. As she lands she looks at you with a look of confidence and says" Hello, I am Whitelighting and I help Kalarath. She owns Mount. Draceon." You remember about the rumor that went around town about the lady who owned the mountian and how she lived with the mystical animals up at the top of the mountain." I can give you a ride up there if you want?" You say sure, so you jump on her back and then the next thing you know is you have the mist hiting against your face, and then you are at top.

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Ok, this is kalarath. My friend Laura has a breeding program going on with Russian Blues and MiniFluffies (This is Her Page). Please vist it she would gladly appreciate it, also if you a have Catz 3, and female Russian blues, please email her at, thnx
funkyfaerie03 got their NeoPet at

Top of Mount. Draceon
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