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These are my early works.(1987-1993)

The part from them is devoted to a problem of
           THE IMAGES in art
       (Please see my theoretical work "Cylinders".)

"Days and nights" 55x63" Canvas, Oil, Wickerwork.
"Self-portrait with a brush" 55x77" Canvas, PVA, Wickerwork.
       (Look at my other works from this series).

There is the cycle of binocular painting.
"Square" and "2 eyes of a man" 1991, 31x23", oil on canvas.

       (Look at my other works from this series).

Sleep painting is my way to fix the unconscious.
There are pop-art-works with use of my nails, of my hair.
"Line composition"(47x40", PVA, Hardboard) is one of the first works on my research of color and sound (Please see my theoretical work "Music in Painting").

Alexander Korosteloff.