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Niether myself, my service provider, or the good people at Angelfire take responsibility for information leaving this site. This document is for educational purposes only! I do not take resposibility for the misuse of any information contained within this document.

This information was passed on by an ex-hotmail system administrator. The process is pretty simple. As anyone who has lost their password before will know, Hotmail has an automated password retrieval system that requests a lot of personal info about yourself in. Well, when you signed up for hotmail, if you read the Terms of Service, you will have noticed that it says, "if your hotmail account is idle for a substansial amount of time, hotmail have the right to terminate your account". Someone (who obviously wishes to remain un-named) has given me the code neccessary to activate the BOT that is utilized by Hotmail sysadmin's to retrieve the passwords that they require to terminate the users acct. This code is to be placed in the body of the message to activate the BOT.

First off you have to have a hotmail acct. Log in to your acount. You'll probably want to change your personal Compose an email to the following address..... .....and in the subjuct heading type : Activate BOT:ypcat cgi/passwd --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
This is the code that will activate the bot. Simply copy and paste, or just write down this code and place it into the body of the message. The only things that need to be altered are "YOUR PASSWORD HERE" where you place the password of the account that you are sending from and "VICTIMS LOGIN HERE" where you place the login name of the person who's account you wish to gain access to. Here is the code.....

APPLET CODEBASE="HTTP:\\lygf1\hotmail\prebeta1\applets"

Hit the send button and your done. The password you requested should be sent to you in under 3 days. If not just try it again. If it still doesn't work the I guess MSN has figured out the leak and this hack may no longer be working, but until then enjoy.