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Hello and Welcome to my homepage!! For those of you who've visited before, I hope you like the change!! My name is Sallie and this is just a personal page for me away from our regular homepage. It shows what I'm interested in and I can do all the frills and fancies that my dear husband would hate to have at our family site. My husband is Mike and we currently live in Okinawa, Japan along with our four children and are a part of the American military community. I will continue to add pictures, recipes, updates on our family tree, etcetera as we extend our time here. We are a family who loves the Lord and put Him above all else. I would love to hear from you, whether it be comments or recommendations about the pages, or questions about my faith, or whatever. Please sign my guestbook so I may repay the visit. Thanks so much and please bookmark our sites since I try to keep a new selection going through our pages. Now on to all the good stuff!!


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Please do not remove this graphic set. I created it especially for my homepage.

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