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Tony (the munchkin) is war.

Memorable Quotes:                                                 Fav Links:
"There's the john, ya big, stupid dummy."                     Moxy Fruvous               

Height: 5'8ish
Weight: 160ish
Hair/Eyes: Lightbrown/Brown
Picture: You bet!
Musical Selection: Splatter Splatter by Moxy Fruvous

Tony is a sophmore and a declared Comm major. He hails from the far country of Delaware which exists in Dan's backyard and is owned by Amanda. The undisputed Lord and Master of Delaware, he arrived here by getting lost in the corn fields of Pennslyvania. Yeh Tony!

The Munchkin is known for his tastes in video games, as he is the supplier of the NES, SNES, Playstation, and Dreamcast. He is the supplier of snacks, informer of Professional Wrestling and random doodlings.

Tony rocks the air waves here at E-town on station 88.3 from 6-9 on Saturdays (with his girlfriend Melissa). He produces the news on channel 40 providing us college kids with a view of the world. Often he can be seen doodling and doing stuff.

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