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Laura is judgement.

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"Happiness is an ooga-booga."                   Arf!                                   Sailor Moon

Weight: 2 tons
Eye/Hair: Bluegreen/brown
Picture: Arf!
Musical Selection: O Fortuna from Carmina Burana

"I am the creature known as Arf."

Arf is a junior at Elizabethtown College majoring in music. She has no clue what she is doing or where she is going, which makes her just perfect for the group. Ahhh.

Arf love nature. AROOOOOooooo!

Arf plays the clairnet and the oboe. She likes music. Music good. Music very good. Yum. She would like to play her clairnet outside the Louvre after which she would like to travel across the United States (God Bless America. . .) with her dog, living out of her car, and playing on street corners and in seedy joints.

Thoughts on the group? FREE SEX! And all the Mr. Coffee I want.

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