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Dan is death. Cruel, hard, vicious DEATH. . .

Memorable Quotes:             Obsessions:             Fav Links:
"Save the fishes!"                     Queen Amidala            The Spark               

Weight: 183 (?????)
Hair/eyes: Blond/blue
Picture: Yeah, we got one
Musical Selection: One Headlight by the Wallflowers

Dan is now in charge of "The Village of Unionville" district of the four horsemen. This area is located somewhere outside of Pittsburg. He rides, kills and does math better than all of us! He is truely Death. Death with a side of fries.

Dan is known for many advances to the human race. In his breif time on earth, he has established the largest collection of MP3s known to man. He is known to leap buildings in a single bound, sleep though over five classes a week, make the worlds most unhealthy salad and still have time to manage camera every Monday and Wednesday at the T.V station.

Have a question for Death? Well, there is always e-mail


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