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The Apocalypse Crew

Associate Page!

These people. . do stuff.


Fred is the substitute

Aquired by:                               Residence:                        
Tony                                           Ober                        

Year: Sophmore
Weight: 685 lb give or take 500 or so
Eye/Hair: Blue/brown

Fred often is the filler for anyone of the Horsemen who, for any reason, can not fullfill their duties. He is best known for his hypnotic a$$. *wink wink*


Linda just is

Aquired by:                               Residence:                        
Horsemen & Company                   The Dinning Hall                        

Year: Immortal
She could take you
Weight:Don't mess with Linda
Eye/Hair: She'll kill you

Linda is the cheerful lady who feeds us, sorta, at the caf. She approves everything we do and has been. . Linda.

Still to come!
Austin and Melissa

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