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Amanda o 0 ()

Amanda is Chaos

Memorable Quotes:             Kewl Unknown Stuffs:                   Pagen Idol:
*BURP* "Bite me"                  Explorer Duncan                               Booga

Height : 5'7
Weight: 150-157
Hair/Eyes: Brown, brown, brown
Picture: Sure
Musical Selection: I Can See Clearly Now by Jimmy Cliff

About me? What is there to tell? I am a college student. Wouldn't that say it all?

Ok, ok. Background: I have a brother at the University of Pittusburg, a mother at home, father at work and a cat in the window. I'm declared Communcations here at E-town.

Things I like? That covers a lot of ground. I love to read and write, I love theater, I have absolutely no talents or skills. I have/had played the piano for 12 years but I'm not getting enough time to keep it up. I rode horses for 10 years, but, I do not have one. Haven't done that for 4 years. I do run and lift every other day so I'm really buff!. .er. .just kidding. Don't hurt me.

I guess constructing this page, and a few others, is something I'm most known for. Maybe my new rep as Satan is kind of catching on. Then there is my apparent lack of balence (we all remember the ankel), depth preseption (the car was YEARS away from hitting me), inability to judge time (eons of time, eons), space (sure I can have you all move in here), distance (where am I?) and weight (just because I couldn't walk for a week doesn't mean I used to much weight when lifting)

My Links

Seven Nations!
World Wide Wrestling Federation
Bubble Wrap

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