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Welcome To The The Apocalypse Album

Evening looms. Dan lingers in the doorway unaware that Amanda is equipped with a camera

Frisky again, Arf and Tony take a tumble on Amanda's bed after nap time. Awww. .so cute.

Unaware of Dan's abilty with the camera, and zoning in front of the new Dreamcast system, Amanda's soul is stolen.

Tony being cute before nap time.


"If you touch my food, I will kill you."

Tony: Hey Manda!
Amanda: Bonk!

Tony's other talents include: sex and checkers.

Dan proudly displays his latest invention. The Tigerball

Clad in Amanda's clothes, Arf is slightly damp after sledding all night. Suggested: To dry off with hair dryer. Dan is please to assist.

Hmmm. .Dan's butt is wet too. . .

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