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Welcome To The The Apocalypse Album

First things first. Arf and Amanda moved in together in room 212 to cause their own brand of trouble and aquire lackies. Yeah baby

This is the door to room 212. We call it the Door to Doom. Don't be fooled by its pleasant appearance.

Lacky Amy was all too innocent before her move to college. . .

Amy now makes idols out of spoons. This one is Tony.

Mike, the second lacky. . is camera shy.

Arf beats Mike for his shyness.

This is angel boy Stephen. Fear not, he's an actor.

Tony and Amanda head out shopping and return with cooking pots. Oh, someone, stop the maddness!

Arf gets a computer! Go Arf!


Arf dresses as a girl for Halloween. Parties with Tori.

Jules is an effectual chaos-weight

Mike gets some.

Arf get's a little too!

Jules gets a lot.