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" In the name of planet Mars, I will punish you"


Sailor Mars or Hino Rei is enthusiastic and strong of all scouts. It is strong as Lita but does not express many its feelings. She is always here to help her friends. The bond between Calm her and is very great although you think that they do not demonstrate it quite often. They have many things that are not pleased of their temperaments that always are fought and single King wants that Calm she is ready its responsibility as to be the queen.

When he is in problems King it is always first in beginning the fight and is some times completes it in falling. Perhaps it is not as intelligent as friendly Ami or as Mine but is there when you need it. Also it has incredible psychic powers and his akryou taisan thing. King is also very good in Martial arts. In spite of everything I believe that King is but the good one of sailors.

She is very popular between those of his age and it likes much to make appointments with men for salir.Al principle did not like him much the Calm idea that outside the leader to seem to him so incompetent, but later it went changing of idea when recognizing his error. Now it supports and aid to Sailor Moon at the most critical moments. King is a very spiritual, powerful but calmed young person. It is very mature, independent, intelligent, has class and personality, is very rich and prefire the old things that the modern ones. In addition to this, Raye is very beautiful, as much that the girls admire it and the boys persecute her, but she doesn't attention to them because she thinks that all are like their father, who very was occupied to take care of his family and her ill wife. After the death of his mother, Raye lives with his Grandfathers in Hikawa Jinga (the temple) where is priestess.



Name in Japanese Hino Rei
That it means Fire spirit
English name Raye Hino
Spanish name Rei Hino
Birthday April 17
Astrological Sign Aries
Blood Type AB
Favorite colors Red and Black
Stone Ruby
Favorite branch Music
Hobbies To read the future, to collect sleeves.
Favorite food Vegetarian Pizza
Food that less it likes Asparago
Favorite matter in the school Old hieroglyphic writing
Matter that less it likes Modern Sociology
Knows to make easier To meditate
Detests The television
First appearance Chapter 10 (7)
School Private Girls Junior High School
Pets Fobos and Deimos (2 crows)
A dream To be singing, model, famous, to be good wife and housewife