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This site was developed by Clyde E. Pearce, a radiological Health specialist in Alaska who has traveled throughout the state in performance of his work, since 1997. He lives in Anchorage and has been an avid student of “things Alaskan” for the past decade. The site was conceived as a resource for family members interested in Alaska, and traveling in from the lower 48 to visit. Additional pages were added as an activity resource for members of the Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors attending the 33rd Annual Meeting in Anchorage in April 2001. The page is accessible through, an allusion to the active volcanoes (fire) and glaciers (ice) for which Alaska is well known. It may also be accessed through, which identifies the fact that Anchorage is at that latitude north of the equator. There is no commercial intent and no funding is received of any kind to support this web site. This is not an official site for any corporation, commercial enterprise, or governmental agency. There are numerous links to other resources over which the author has no control, so it is advisable to confirm any information directly with the original source before taking any action based upon the contents posted on this site.

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