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Celebrating the end of the year/century/millennium

A list of activities that one might engage in as a small way to commemorate the transition from one century, or millennium, to another. Choose an activity, or several, and commit to performing the activity 100 times to celebrate the century, or 1000 times over the next year to celebrate the millennium. An "X" in the list represents either the century or millennium. Alternatively, you might discover your own creative substitute for the suggested items. It will probably be most effective to choose only one, or a very few items, in order to be confident of completion of the goal by the end of the year. The tasks represent a simple way to contribute toward making the world a better place.

For example you might:

  1. Smile to "X" people
  2. Compliment others "X" times
  3. Pick up "X" trashed items along a highway or walkway
  4. Walk "X" minutes (or miles)
  5. Serve meals to "X" homeless people
  6. Bake and give away "X" cookies
  7. Smile at "X" people who you've never met before
  8. Say something positive to "X" strangers
  9. List "X" things for which you are grateful
  10. List and say "X" affirmations about yourself or your life
  11. Donate "X" dollars to a good cause
  12. Climb a mountain peak that is at least "X" meters above your starting point
  13. Donate "X" bricks to a significant projection project
  14. Pound "X" nails in a Habitat for Humanity project
  15. Volunteer to count "X" birds for the Department of Fish and Game
  16. Cut and sew "X" quilting blocks
  17. Donate "X" dimes to a good cause
  18. Collect "X" aluminum cans to be recycled
  19. Donate "X" cans of food to a good cause
  20. Collect "X" pounds of paper to be recycled
  21. Donate "X" liters of gasoline to Meals on Wheels
  22. Collect "X" plastic bottles for recycling
  23. Donate "X" cups of coffee to a safe driving program over the holiday
  24. Ride bike "X" miles
  25. Arrive on time for appointments "X" times
  26. Donate "X" items of clothing to a good cause
  27. Donate "X" pencils or crayons to a school
  28. Learn and say "X" quotes
  29. Donate "X" notepads to a good cause
  30. Write "X" lines of HTML code for your web page
  31. Donate "X" stamps to a good cause
  32. Pet a animal "X" times
  33. Donate "X" bars of soap to a good cause
  34. Read "X" verses in the Bible, Koran, Talmud or Common Book of Prayer
  35. Donate "X" postcards to a good cause
  36. Donate "X" light bulbs to a good cause
  37. Plant "X" trees, flowers or vegetables as a community service project
  38. Help maintain "X" feet of highway roadside
  39. Help clear "X" feet of hiking trails
  40. Give "X" hugs to those you love
  41. Volunteer to drive "X" miles to Texas with the Lutheran League
  42. Solve a "X" piece puzzle
  43. Give up driving a car "X" times during the year, choosing to walk instead
  44. Say Grace before meals "X" times
  45. Shovel "X" shovels full of dirt for a garden, or snow to clear a driveway
  46. Paint "X" strokes of paint, or "X" square feet of surface, for Habitat for Humanity
  47. Relinquish the right-of-way to others "X" times
  48. Teach "X" English words to ESL students
  49. Learn "X" new words in another language
  50. Reduce caloric intake by "X" per week over the next year
  51. Drink "X" glasses of water
  52. Assist "X" individuals who need help
  53. Donate "X" batteries to a good cause
  54. Donate "X" diapers to a good cause
  55. Read "X" articles
  56. Say "X" prayers
  57. Sing "X" songs
  58. Tell "X" stories
  59. Wash hands "X" times
  60. Brush teeth "X" times
  61. Mention Christ in conversation "X" times
  62. Dance "X" times
  63. Light "X" candles
  64. Say "Thank You" at least "X" times
  65. Give away "X" items
  66. Shake hands with others "X" times
  67. Make "X" telephone calls as a volunteer

Once you have completed your chosen activity "X" you may find that you want to continue it as a part of your positive lifestyle. What a wonderful way to help make the world a better place!

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