The Medical Imaging Hero Project is a program developed to recognize those who have succeeded in reaching their goal to become a qualified medical imaging specialist (in any category) against difficult odds. Those recognized may or may not be the top student in their program, but they have faced particularly challenging circumstances and met the challenge to achieve their goals. It is hoped that by recognizing a few such individuals their stories will be an inspiration to others who find themselves facing extraordinary difficulties. The purpose of this program, then, is two-fold:

  1. Recognizing the courage of those who succeeded in spite of their difficulties; and
  2. Inspiring others who are struggling to stay the course to reach their ultimate reward... successful completion of a challenging and worthwhile goal

The Program grew from an idea conceived by Clyde Pearce, R.T., (R)(N)(QM)(M), CNMT(NMTCB), MEd who completed his own training while working full time, attending school and raising a family of five children (with his wife, of course). His challenges seemed overwhelming at times but persistence eventually made it all worthwhile.

Nominations for the HERO award may be submitted from any approved Medical Imaging Program*. Candidates must be in their final semester, near enough to completion that graduation is virtually assured, or have graduated within the past year and passed a nationally recognized certification examination in a medical imaging specialty. Solicitations have been or are sent to selected programs requesting the name of a proposed candidate for the award, and only one individual from a particular school is eligible for consideration. Once a name has been received the candidate is sent an application form which asks questions about their circumstances, difficulties encountered, and their future goals. Following review of applications selected candidates will be interviewed to gather additional information and make a final selection. Those judged to be particularly remarkable may be accepted to be recognized by the Medical Imaging Hero Project. Since the life story of the winning individual(s) may be submitted for publication those selected will be required to complete additional forms for permission to publish and to release photos for publication. Photos may be taken at the time of the interview, or photos furnished by the candidate depicting that individual in their workplace or other appropriate medical imaging related background may be used.

Recognition by the Hero Project means the individual will have their story and photo posted on this website, and an application will be sent to national medical imaging publishers requesting consideration for publication in the Journal. Other awards may be provided the top contenders, including possible paid travel to a continental U.S. destination selected by the Project manager after consultation with the recipient of the award.

This Project is funded entirely by one individual technologist to encourage others new to the profession, or about to enter it. If it inspires some to succeed who might have otherwise decided to quit their training because it was just too tough to go on it will have served its purpose well.

For more information leave an e-mail message with the Project manager at Notification of potential candidates must come from their medical imaging Program. Application forms will be sent through the Program Director to the candidate.

*Approved medical imaging program means a program that leads to certification in any of the primary disciplines of radiologic technology of the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (radiography, radiation therapy, nuclear medicine technology, sonography, or magnetic resonance imaging).