The name of this site, and group, is based on the idea of group of talented musicians getting together for a "jam" session. However, instead of Jam we call ourselves "Jelly" because the musicians involved are not professionals and therefore their production is perhaps less substantial than "jam". It is a little thinner than jam and therefore only qualifies as "jelly". In other words this is for all skill levels. The gospel part of the name is based on the focus being religious music.

The plan is for this group to meet informally once or twice a month and play music together. Ideally, there will be a variety of instruments such as violin, guitar, piano, flute (or recorder), accordion, autoharp, mandolin, cello, or any other combination that works. Vocalists are welcome too. It is for fun. There is no claim or attempt to gain fame or fortune from this activity.

Gatherings of musical talent will occur on Monday nights, the first Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m. Musical scores will be provided or a favorite piece may be brought to the group to develop a few appealing arrangements. The group meets in midtown Anchorage.

The first such meeting will be held October 2, 2006 for any who are interested. For more information call or leave a message at 907-350-8076.

Let the music begin!