Anchorage - Things to do in and around town -

One Hundred Fifty+ (150+) Things to Do
In and Around Anchorage (Summer)
(Subject to weather)

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  1. Beluga whale watching from Beluga point
  2. Hiking any of the trails in town or in the mountains
  3. Attend a Nature Center lecture/demonstration in Eagle River
  4. Flight-see the area by helicopter or fixed wing aircraft
  5. Fly an ultralight aircraft
  6. Visit Native Heritage Museum
  7. Enjoy a terrific meal and view of the sea port at the Crow's nest
  8. Birdwatching at Potters Marsh, West Chester Lagoon, and elsewhere
  9. Pan for (REAL) gold
  10. Shop for unique gifts or fresh farm vegetables at Saturday Market
  11. Hunt moose (with a camera) at Kincaid Park
  12. Fly-in fish by floatplane from Lake Hood
  13. Watch for bears
  14. Pick wild berries
  15. Play golf on one of the areas twelve public golf courses
  16. Play miniature golf with the family at one of Anchorage's three miniature golf courses
  17. Drive a dog mushing team (Yes, even in summer!)
  18. Paddle a canoe or kayak
  19. Visit the sod roofed visitors center in downtown anchorage
  20. Shop in one of the eight shopping malls in Anchorage
  21. Experience a simulated earthquake
  22. Visit the earthquake display at earthquake park
  23. Tour historic homes in Anchorage
  24. Get up close to native animals at the Wildlife Park
  25. Visit the Anchorage Zoo to see native species and several not native to Alaska
  26. Have a party at a nightclub
  27. Dance the night away at a local lounge
  28. Take the kids to the imaginarium
  29. Show the kids the only chocolate waterfall in Alaska
  30. Tour the Performing Arts Theatre
  31. Sing, or play with a musically inclined group
  32. Enjoy a picnic or barbeque in the woods
  33. Visit the State Trooper Museum
  34. Listen to the sounds of wolves, loons and other Alaskan critters at the Wolfsong store
  35. Visit the diorama animal exhibits at Ft. Richardson or Elmendorf Air Force Base
  36. Watch the sun set over Cook Inlet while sitting atop Woronzof Point
  37. Check out the History and Art Museum
  38. Investigate educational opportunities at one of the two local Universities
  39. See the historical Anchorage Memorial Park Cemetary
  40. Play baseball in Delany Park
  41. Play tennis
  42. Go swimming, indoor pool or outdoors
  43. Go exploring at the Locomotive Playground
  44. Learn about Alaska bush pilots and aviation at the Aviation Museum
  45. Relax in the cool woods at the Botanical Garden
  46. Travel the Seward highway just south of Beluga Point to see the Dall sheep
  47. Watch beavers building their home at Campbell Creek
  48. Visit the Elmendorf state fish hatchery
  49. Take in a scenic drive and visit the Musk Ox Farm in Palmer
  50. Envy eagles as they soar overhead
  51. Ride the horse drawn carriage downtown
  52. Ride the Anchorage trolley
  53. Discover the Athabascan Spirit Houses at the Eklutna Cemetary on your way to Eklutna Lake
  54. Camp in the cool woods, and listen for bears rummaging around at night
  55. Get wet on a rafting trip in Girdwood
  56. Climb Mt. Alyeska by tramway for a spectacular view of Cook Inlet
  57. Attend a cultural festival with Irish traditions
  58. Climb Flat Top mountain or Near Point to see what's on the other side
  59. Bounce around on the back of a horse on a trail ride
  60. Play bingo
  61. Visit the Matanuska, Knik, Eklutna, Portage, or Exit glaciers
  62. Go fishing in local streams or lakes
  63. Roller blading on the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail
  64. Bike riding one of the numerous bike trails, city or mountain
  65. Drive a jet ski
  66. Prolong your life by visiting one of the health clubs
  67. Rent a "hog" (Harley motorcycle)
  68. Drive your own hotel around by renting a recreational vehicle
  69. Meet new people and share experiences at a Bed & Breakfast
  70. Take a tour by airboat
  71. Visit a native Alaska village
  72. Watch a large screen Imax show
  73. Buy a natural fur to keep you warm next winter
  74. Discover Alaskan treasures at a souvenier shop
  75. Watch a presentation of the northern lights
  76. "Shoot" wildlife with a photo camera
  77. Get closer to your maker at a local church or synagogue
  78. Explore new vistas with friends aboard a bus tour
  79. Watch the salmon runs as they swim upstream at Ship Creek or Campbell Creek
  80. Float above the Anchorage Bowl in a hot air balloon gondola
  81. Read your way through one of the many bookstores in Anchorage
  82. Find out where you are, or where you are going by visiting the USGS mapstore
  83. Expand your cultural awareness by visiting the new Alaska Native Hospital
  84. Watch the midnight sun descend from on top Flat Top Mountain
  85. Fly a kite - One you bought ready-to-fly, or one you made yourself
  86. Rent an airplane and fly yourself around the area
  87. Paint a nature scene
  88. Smell the flowers found all over town
  89. Go snipe hunting at Cook Inlet
  90. Participate in Alaska craft work projects using leather, beads, fur, or other materials
  91. Go ice skating at one of the seven ice skating rinks in Anchorage
  92. Acquire lifesaving knowledge by attending a wilderness survival course
  93. Intimidate your taste buds by dining on fresh shushi
  94. Drown in the mudflats (Definitely NOT recommended, but could happen if you are dangerously careless)
  95. Look for constellations and count the stars (There are more of them in Alaska, you know)
  96. Visit the earthquake museum exhibits
  97. Attend group events at Kincaid Park
  98. Visit aviation conference at the Fedex hanger
  99. Bend your neck at the Elmendorf air show
  100. Watch floatplanes takeoff and land at the worlds largest seaplane base
  101. Fly a paraglider
  102. Climb the new airport tower at Merrill Field
  103. Practice your marksmanship at an indoor firing range
  104. Visit the firehouse and safety store
  105. Blow along on the water in a sailboat
  106. Fatten up at the State Fair in Palmer
  107. Marvel at the rainbow over the snow capped mountains
  108. Walk a dog
  109. Make plaster casts of wild animal footprints in the woods
  110. Make a list of all the Alaskan wildlife you see on a day trip
  111. Watch a bore tide roll in near Bird Creek
  112. Watch commercial aircraft land and take off directly over your head at Woronzoff Point
  113. Collect native rock and mineral specimens
  114. Collect feathers, beads, fabrics, and other materials to make colorful native clothing
  115. Attend classes to learn to speak a native Alaskan language
  116. Create your own walking cane from natural willow
  117. Compete with friends to see who can smash the most mosquitoes in one hour
  118. Introduce yourself to five sourdough Alaskans and ask them what they like best about Alaska
  119. Set up and run an orienteering course
  120. Tie fishing flies and test them on the real thing
  121. Collect rock specimens to keep your luggage from blowing away
  122. Rent a cabin to add a real wilderness experience to your visit
  123. Scare yourself by reading one of the many books on Alaska bear tales
  124. Practice knot tying skills that you will use in camp
  125. Build and fly model rockets or airplanes
  126. Discover what a moose nugget, oosik and billikin are, and what they have to do with Alaska
  127. Sample eskimo candy
  128. Investigate educational opportunities at one of the two local universities
  129. Skip stones on the water at a local beach
  130. Discover why the "thousands of miles between the United States and Russia" as described by our Secretary of State only looks like two miles
  131. Make a souvenir whistle from native woods
  132. Make a native drum from natural Alaskan materials
  133. Watch for a sun dog display in the sky
  134. Sound off with Karaoke
  135. Laugh with friends and relatives at a dinner/variety show
  136. Count snakes in Russian Jack Springs Park
  137. Run in the 5K Challenge
  138. Listen to music in the park, an on-the-grass concert
  139. Watch a baseball game played by the Glacier Pilots
  140. Get a taste of Scotland at the Scottish Highland Games
  141. Canine aficionados may want to sit and beg at the Alaska Kennel Club Dog Show
  142. Hunters and competitive shooters won't want to miss the Summer Gun Show
  143. Attend the Hispanic Summer Festival at Delaney Park
  144. Watch for bees at the Garden Club Flower Show
  145. Discover the latest in recreational vehicles at the Annual Winter Recreation/Travel Show
  146. See the reindeer and take a trail ride at the Reindeer Farm in Palmer
  147. Gaze at Mt. McKinley, the tallest mountain in the United States (when the sky is clear)
  148. Chill out by SCUBA diving in sub-arctic waters
  149. Watch for signs of new volcanic activity west and south of Anchorage
  150. Toss a frisbee along the ridge uplifts in Cook Inlet
  151. Savor the taste of Alaska home brewed beers
  152. Climb a rock wall at the rock gym
  153. Practice shooting at clay birds at the trap shoot range
  154. Meditate and contemplate under a spruce tree
  155. Get sweaty by playing vollyball or badminton in one of the nearby parks
  156. Pitch horseshoes
  157. Cool off with a good book near one of our waterfalls

Day trips from Anchorage

  1. Whale watching via boat cruise
  2. Charter a salt water fishing trip
  3. Visit Denali National Park (Actually, allow two days minimum)
  4. Visit the Sea Life Center in Seward
  5. Cruise the Alaska Marine Highway
  6. Ride train to Whittier or Seward
  7. Watch glaciers calving while relaxing on a catamaran
  8. Visit the oil spill exhibit
  9. Dig razor clams
  10. Ride the sightseeing boat at Portage Glacier
  11. Get your feet wet on a tidal pool walk at low tide
  12. Run the Mt. Marathon climb in Seward
  13. Stop, look and listen to the birds at the Homer Shorebird Festival
  14. Pick up specimens of sea coal at low tide in Homer
  15. Flight-see Mt. McKinley in a vintage aircraft

Fun Things to Do In and Around Anchorage in the WINTER

  1. Aurora viewing - When and where it happens - Chena Hot Springs is supposed to be extraordinarily good for this. Unpredictable
  2. Avalanche viewing (Do you really want to be there?)
  3. Curling On outdoor iced lake
  4. Craft authentic native dress/costume -
  5. Dog Sledding
  6. Watch Dog sled racing
  7. Dog events- Classic Iditarod, Yukon Quest
  8. Fire in fireplace
  9. Flying - Private aircraft or charter
  10. Fly ski plane
  11. Fly models - Rockets, aircraft, balloons
  12. Fur Rondi
  13. Heliskiing
  14. Hot air balloon
  15. Hunting
  16. Ice carving/sculpture
  17. Ice climbing
  18. Ice fishing - Dress very warmly!
  19. Ice Hockey
  20. Ice sailing - Big Lake
  21. Ice Skating - Outside or Indoors
  22. Moose watching -
  23. Musk Ox Farm -
  24. Skiing - cross country
  25. Skiing - downhill:
  26. Sledding, tobaggoning, tubing
  27. Sleigh ride
  28. Snow boarding -
  29. Snow Cat Tours
  30. Snow carving - Making figures, castle (like sand castle)
  31. Snow ice cream -
  32. Snowmobiling
  33. Snowmobile Classic Iron Dog Race
  34. Snow shoeing
  35. Theatre presentations
  36. Winter Festival - Fur Ronde
  37. Winter hiking - Wear cleats for safety
  38. Winter photography
  39. Miscellaneous -
    • Build snow angels
    • snow men
    • Build an igloo
    • Build snow fort - Snowball fight - (Avoid ice in snowball)
    • Build snow/winter survival shelter - for practice or training
Not all activities on the list may be available subject to weather conditions, your own health status and physical condition. You will not see a double rainbow if there is no rain, for example, and if you are physically unable to climb a mountain you will not see the sunset from the peak of Flat Top Mountain. Some activities, such as renting an airplane to fly yourself, or fishing require specific licenses or other credentials.

NOTE: In addition to the activities listed Anchorage has all of the usual amenities for every day life necessities including modern health care facilities, banks, post offices (airport post office is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week), libraries, barbershops, malls, grocery stores, dry cleaning and laundromat, e-mail and fax services, and shipping services by Fedex, UPS, Air Courier, or DHL.

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