Hey whats up? This is my page ....dedicated to the Pioneers of industrial rock and one of the greatest bands I've ever heard, KMFDM. I started this project quite some time ago and over the years kinda lost interest in it. But I'm once more motivated to attempt to update it periodically. So in the mean time Browse around and either e-mail me or sign my book with suggestions (and please no private entries in the book).

Now the reason i constructed this triffle of a page (if anyone really cares). The reason is is that I've always been a fan of their music since I heard "Juke-Joint Jezebel" On the Mortal Kombat Soundtrack in '95. And when I heard that they disbanned in January of '99 i believe it was, I recently became a huge fan. I guess it was the disapointment of their "disbannment" gettin to me. So I made this page as a dedication to KMFDM. But now that they're back together Kickin ass again, it kinda defeated the purpose or a tribute. So now I'm just another loser with a fan page with KMFDM shit all through it. But if any of the members of KMFDM (past or present) "DO" happen to stumble across this page, I would like ta say Thanks for the many yrs of great music and keep Kickin' more Ass in the future.

I'll also keep some updated info on any of the side projects spawned from KMFDM, such as Slick Idiot (i'll try to anyway). So, in the mean time take a look around, and tell me if there's anything i should change or add.. I will have updates as often as possible . . .or whenever i'm in the mood.  So Adios for now. (*And on a final note, if you find any problems such as dead links, have suggestions, or jusr want to give me some feedback feel free to e-mail me.)

''Life is short-Death is Certain-Judgement is Eternal'' Sascha K. (I believe)

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