Under a stone - Skin & bone 
The children of fear are not alone 
Rivers of tears - Flesh & blood 
An eye for an eye that's all we've got 
Power & truth - Desire & trust 
Like the wind and the rain 
Ashes and dust 
Time will be ending 
Life's a crusade 
For a consciousness rising 
Out of a desperate state 
Into light and the future 
Education is work 
Into violent peace 
That will conquer the world 
We got the power 
Excessive force 
Industrial soundtrack to the holy wars

Juke-Joint Jezebel 

I can't reject this empty hole 
I cannot count the bloody cost 
I can't believe this wretched soul 
Come penetrate all this loss 
Come on and kill this sense of life 
And be the one who is denied 
Now show me one more upturned knife 
And fill the emptiness inside 
If I could leave my burning skin 
That has been used up in your sin 
Is there a tiny part of me 
Untouched - Unsoiled by misery 
I am the city that will lie 
You are the one that blame passed by 
This is the place where I will weep 
The loneliness of sweet conceit 
Be mine sister salvation 
Juke-Joint Jezebel is coming for my cremation 
Be mine sister salvation 
Closer now - See the revelation


Between the liquor, the bed and the noise in my head 
Between your mind and my crime 
And me in the grime 
Between the gun, the lead and the lies that I said 
Through your sweet breath 
Comes the dawn of my death 
Touch me - Hate me 
Give yourself to me and break me 
Cut these eyes and I will see 
Kiss these lying lips for me 
Stroke this skin and I will kneel 
Brutalize me I will heal 
Between the bullet and my lip 
And the lies you let slip 
Between the dirt of this soul 
And your heart that's a hole 
Between the place where you hit 
And this face where you spit 
Through your sweet breath 
Comes the dawn of my death

A Drug Against War
Television, religion, 
Social destruction 
Sex & drugs 
Violent seduction 
Crystal dawn 
Ecstatic explosion 
Parental advice leads 
To mental erosion 

Line after line 
Round after round 
Empty shells fall 

Faster than lightning 
High as a kite 
Sonice bombardment 
Brighter than sunlight 

No need for needles 
No injection 
The substance substitutes 
Love & affection 

Total sedation of 
Longing desire 
Cremation of senses 
In friendly fire 

Stronger than never 
Ever before 
A Drug Against War


Divine inspiration 
Total disallusion 
Instant consecration 
Mind and body fusion 
Frontal assault on the seven senses 
Orgasmic waste 
Eccentric and pretentious 

KMFDM doin' it again 
A treat for the freaks 
Truth or dare 
Are you ready for this 
We don't care 

In a world of deceit 
Open your eyes 
Don't be afraid and you realize 
What we do for you so good for you 
What you do for me so good for me 

Deified dada 
Hard but true 
Godlike nonsense being thrown at you 

We keep simple 
Tough and outright 
Easy to swallow 
KMFDM light 

One way or another 
Now or later 
Bow down and worship 
The true creator 

Musik ist macht 
Eine ausgesprochene verbindung von schlau und dumm 
Geräuschsüchtigen wird unter immensem druck und leidenschaft 
gröesste freude und vertrauen abgesaugt 
Der heldenriff ist der froschfresser 
Der rhythmus ein schöener schwan 
Nur die worte ; ein blutegel an deinem gehirn 
Keiner macht für dich mehr 

Take a good plunge 
Stand out from the masses 
Bend over backwards and 
Kick some asses 

Call 1-800 
Accept no imitations 
KMFDM one world - one nation


I went to school for six years but I never graduated 
'Cause my parents were poor 
Now I'm undereducated 
Like so many others 
All over the nation 
'Cause the government is saving on public education 

I am thirty, male, call me white trash 
Standing in line with my pockets full of cash 
It was payday today and I am going to spend money 
On a bottle of booze to bring home for my honey 

My future's all set 
I am a part of the gang 
I make money on the street any time I can 
I sell drugs to the kids 'cause that's what pays 
I make a couple of hundreds in just one day 

D'you see my 'vette in the drive 
At home I got a benz 
I like speeding on the highway 
Bribe a cop with a grand 
D'you need a woman 
A bitch 
With a bust forty-two 
Just let me know 
Got one for you 

One for the money two for the show 
Three to get ready now go kids go!



I'll pray 
And pray 
That your country 
Undergoes recovery 

Use the power 
Taste the bliss 
Harvest salvation 

Now is the time 
Get on the right (left) side 
And you'll be godlike 

Escape your old life 
Of bondage and sin 
Raise your head from the ashes 
From the fire 

Und so werde ich beten 
Und abermals beten 
Auf dass euer land eine genesung erfahren wird 
Und ihr eure macht nutzen werdet 
Glückseligkeit zu sehen 
Und das heil zu ernten


Now here you creeps 
Punks and freaks 
I'm Talkin' 'bout a virus from the street 
Spread that virus 
Go for hell 
Check out the resistance of your cells 

Smoke some dope 
Waste your brain 
Kick yout health outta da drain 
Fule-injection makes you high 
Ram it up your poop-chute 
You know why 

You catch it once 
Catch it twice 
Catch it with your love-device 
It's a man-eating god-creator 
Collecting lives 
Paying later, 
Rip that thing and do the right stuff 
Messing with the girls ain't not enough 
You can't lock it in 
No walls too high 
It's busting out into the sky 

Virus gonna kill y'all 
Gonna thrill y'all 
Gonna fuck you up (Fuck you down/Knock you out) 
Makes you high 

This love ain't real it's just a fake 
I don't care of what you make 
Got a keepsake out of all i'm saying 
Watch your style, better start praying 
You did wrong my dear but it's too late 
It's all destroyed 
What a state 
You're the victim, he's the master 
Beg for mercy 
More and faster 

I'm a rock'n'roll monster with a bass-guitar 
My face is all up 
You've gone too far 
I've been sleeping for a million years or longer 
You woke me up i'm even stronger 
Cleaning up the face of earth with my mother 
You'll never ever, you'll never have another 
Blown to pieces 
Drowned in slime 
Not worth a tombstone 
Sign of the time


Wenn ich also sterben muss 
Will ich mich erhängen in deinem schwarzen haar 
Und wenn ich also sterben muss 
So will ich ersticken an deinen süssen brüsten 
Und wenn ich also sterben muss 
So will ich erblinden durch deine braunen augen 
Und wenn ich also sterben muss 
So will ich meine vene an deinen lippen ritzen 

Ich habe immer noch nichts dazugelernt 
meine hände in fesseln 
Das hirn- ein loch in der wand 
Ein loch in der wand 

Was soll's Ich werde niemals sterben 

Und wenn ich also sterben muss 
So will ich verhungern in deinem schoss 
Und wenn ich also sterben muss 
So will ich mich verbrennen vor deinem bett 
Und wenn ich also sterben muss 
So will ich ersaufen in deiner glut 
Und wenn ich also sterben muss 
So will ich vergiften an deinem blut 
Und wenn ich also sterben muss 
Soll ich verglühen von deinem kuss 
Und wenn ich dann gestorben bin 
Begrage mich an deinem herzen 
An deinem herzen

More & Faster 

All u nations 
Come and listen 
The truth is a mess and 
The politics are pissin' 
We need a revolution 
To rip the system 
Thousands are homeless 
And the rest are missin' 
Bury the future 
Here we go 
Goddamn suckers 
Yell for more 

More amd faster 
Here we come 
White and trashy and incredibly dumb 
Enjoy yourselves 
Crash boom bang 
The final solution 

All u people this is trash 
We abominate music, we're here for cash 
Barmy-army for everyone 
Black man 
White man 
Yellow man 

We need a revolution 
To rip the system 
Thousands are starvin' 
And the rest are missin' 

Smash your headphones 
Cut your hair 
Pump up the volume 
I don't care 

Tacky beats 
My sugar-queen 
Get on up like a sex-machine 
We know your tricks 
Don't try to cheat 
Get down on your knees boy 
Beg for the beat

Rip THe System 

What do you know, Deutschland? 

Don’t blow your top