ICP'z Albums

Basement Cuts
Released 1990 - Not available anywhere. This tape is a homemade basement tape and there are only 15 in existance!!
Set It Off
Locked Down
Play That Hoe
Crime Pays
Shout Outs
Dog Beats Maxi-Single
Released 1991 - This short EP is extremly rare and is ICP's first professional release on Psychopathic Records. Back then ICP stood for Inner City Posse. Availalbe on in a few stores.
Ghetto Zone
Wizard Of The Hood
Life At Risk
Dog Beats
Carnival Of Carnage LP

Released 1992 - This album is ICP's first full length LP and it is the infamous first jokers card. Carnival Of Carnage is ICP's most hardcore, and explicitly violent release to date. Avialable on cassete and CD, this can be found in many record stores throughout the midwest, as well as by mail order.
Carnival Of Carnage
The Juggla
First Day Out
Red Neck Hoe
Wizard Of The Hood
Guts On The Cieling
Is That You?
Night Of The Axe
Blacken Your Eyes
Never Had It Made
Rebel Flag
Ghetto Freak Show
Beverly Kills 50187 EP
Released 1993 - This 6 song EP is the followup release to The First Jokers Card. Beverly Kills is best known for its bizare sound and freaky lyrics. This release is still avialable throughout the midwest on cassete and cd as well as by mail order.
Beverly Kills
17 Dead
The Stalker
In The Haugh!
Chop Chop!
Joke Ya Mind
The Ringmaster LP

Released 1994 - This album is what many belive jumpstarted ICP on their way to stardom. This is the infamous Second Jokers Card. Many long time jugglos view this album as an ICP classic. Ringmaster is avialable on cassete or cd in select record stores nationwide, and of course, avialable by mail order as well.
Wax Muesum
Murder Go Round
Chicken Huntin'
Mr. Johnson's Head
Southwest Song
Get Off Me Dog
Who Asked You?
The Dead One
My Fun House
For The Maggots
Wagon Wagon
The Loons
Love Song
Bugzs On My Nugzs
House Of Mirrors
Ringmaster's Word
The Terror Wheel EP
Released in 1994 - This 6 song EP is the followup release to the second jokers card. The Terror Wheel is best known for its hidden tracks, and its gruesome content. This release is available on cassete and cd at select record stores nationwide, as well as by mail order.
The Dead Body Man
The Smog
I Stuck Her with My Wang
Amys in the Attic
Dead Pumpkins Single
Released on Holloween 1994 - This rare cassete was given to all that attended ICP's first anual Hollowicked Clown Show in detroit, and has never been avialable agian.
Fxck Off EP
Released in 1994 - This was Shaggy 2 Dope's first and only solo project. 2 Dopes full length album project was later scratched when ICP became too busy for solo stuff. This release is avialable on cassete and cd and is somewhat rare. Possibly you can find it at some record stores.
Fxck Off
Clown Luv
I'm Not Alone
3 Rings
Carnival X-mas EP
Origionaly released December 1994 - This semi-rare release is only avialable around the Christmas holiday. Carnival X-mas is avialable on cassete and CD nationwide during the holidays.
Santas A Fat Bxtch
Red Christmas
Santa Killers
He's Comming
Fat Sweaty Betty Single
Released 1995 - This extremely rare cassete single was handed out free at the mental warp tour locations. It includes an origional version as well as the celuloid bubble mix. It is no longer avialable.
Chicken Huntin Slaughterhouse Mix CD Single
Released 1995 - This hard to find CD single contains the Chicken Huntin Slaughterhouse Mix, as well as the songs "I Didn't Mean To Kill Him" and "Fabulous", which are not avialable on any other release. This is ICP's first release with the Jive Records label. The Chicken Huntin single can be found at select record stores nationwide.
Chicken Huntin (Slaughterhouse Mix)
Chicken Huntin (Origional Recipe)
Chicken Huntin (Slaughterhouse Mixstrumental)
I Didn't Mean To Kill Him
Riddlebox Sampler
Forgotten Freshness LP

Released 1995 - This limited release features all the rare and hard to find ICP releases on one album. Forgotten Freshness was origionally only sold in Michigan, but many distributers and record stores now carry this release nationwide. Forgotten Freshness is avialable on cassete and CD through mail order as well.
Ghetto Zone
Santa's a Fat Bitch
Clown Luv
Dog Beats
Southwest Strangla
Red Christmas
Hey Vato
Life at Risk
Fat Sweaty Betty
Ask You Somethin'
3 Rings
Dead Pumpkins
The Riddlebox LP

Released 1995 - This release marks the first full lenght LP by ICP to be released on a major label. Riddlebox is the infamous 3rd Jokers Card. Many belive this album to be ICP's best yet. Riddlebox is avialable nationwide on cassete and cd, as well as by mail order.
The Show Must Go On
Chicken Huntin (The Slaughterhouse Mix)
Toy Box
Cemetary Girl
3 Rings
Headless Boogie
Jokers WIld
Dead Body Man
Lil' somethin' somethin'
Ol' evil eye
The Killing Fields
I'm Comming Home
Mr. Rotten Treats
Released On Holloween 1995 - This rare cassete was given to all that attended ICP's second anual Hollowicked Clown Show in Detroit, and has never been avialable agian
Tunnel of Love EP
Released 1996 - This was the followup EP to the Third Jokers Card. This release is available at select record stores nationwide, on cassete and CD, as well as by mail order.
Cotton Candy
Super Balls
Prom Queen
My Kind of Bitch
When I get out
Tunnel of Love XXX
Released 1996 - This rare release is fresh. This contains all of the origional Tunnel Of Love material, plus a bonus track, and a mad crazy cover. Tunnel Of Love can be found on cassete and CD behind the counter at select record stores nationwide, as well as by mail order.
Witches and Warlocks
Released on Holloween 1996 - This rare cassete was given to all that attended ICP's third anual Hollowicked Clown Tour locations, and has never been avialable agian. This release is not avialable anywhere.
Dead Pumpkins
Mr. Rottentreats
Witches and Warlocks
Wicked Clown Interview
The Great Milenko LP

Released 1997 - Recalled 6 hours later - Was released on a new label August 12th. This is the infamous, long awaited, mighty 4th Jokers Card. This album is ICP's most controversial release yet. Milenko touches on subjects such as crooked religion, incest, bigotry, and other evils of the world. The great Milenko is available worldwide in over 17 countries, on cassete or CD. The Hollywood Record's version is almost completly sold out across the nation, yet some stores still have a few in stock. Island Record's rerelease version contains all of Milenko's contraversial matieral as well as 3 additional tracks.
The Great Milenko
Hocus Pocus
Piggy Pie
How Many Times
Southwest Voo Doo
Halls of Illusions
Under The Moon
What is a Jugglo?
House Of Horrors
Boogie Woogie Wu
The Neden Game
Down with the clown
Just Like That
Pass Me By

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