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Welcome to the Digimon World RPG

Yo guys, this is Tai (this sites owner!!), and welcome to the Digiworld!!! I hope you like my page setup I worked long hours to get this site up and it would be cool to have some e-mail comments to my site!! And if you have question go ahead and ask, on my message board in my chatroom (my chat handle is TachiKamiya), or just email me to join this RPG! This site will be updated daily if not every 2, or 3 days but not too long. Enjoy your stay, and feel free to check everything out!! see ya guys around, peace out!

Hey check out this awesome yahoo club! This is my friend Sora's really cool RPG! If you have a Yahoo account, join this RPG! I'm Taichi! LMAO of course... See ya!

updated: 4/11/01
Hey everybody~! Working again on my page lay out, and adding new members! Please people, don't make up your own attacks! Pick from the attacks page. And one more thing! Don't make your stats super high, you only have 200 points to split between the Power Level, Speed, Stamina, and Intelligence. Thanks a bunch people for making my site happen! Wow over 6,000 hits! I will be making logos for my hits from now on! heheh see ya! thanks for visiting!

Hey guys I'm trying to finish up my attacks if I can get some email or help to make up attacks and if they are good I'll put them up, then I can open up my site finally so we can get this thing going! see ya guys and if you send in some I'll put your name in my credits page!

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And for my Co-owner which is also my cousin shes helped me a lot thank you much!