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Welsh Terriers

Hi! My name is Abby. This is my Welsh Terrier homepage. I got hooked on Welsh Terriers when we got our first dog, Lizzy. Lizzy was a very good Welsh. When she was 2 years old we decided we were going to have purebred puppies. About one or two months after the puppies were born my dad ran over Lizzy on accident. We had to put her asleep because she had a broken back. Then we decided we should keep a puppy, Zack. Zack just turned 2 years old September 2nd 1999. Lizzy was more well behaved than Zack but Zack is still my favorite Welshie.

Facts about Welsh Terriers

Country of Origin: Great Britain

Height: 14-15.5 inches

Weight: 20-21 lbs.

Colors: Black and Tan

Temperament: Active, playful

Flat skull and powerful jaw

V-shaped ears

Small dark hazel eyes

Long, thin neck, and sraight muscular legs

Thick, wiry coat .

Welsh Terrier Pictures

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The Welsh Terrier Webring
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