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Weird Guy's Home Page

Hey, what's up cyber-surfer? I have no clue how you found your way to this lonely corner of the web, but here you are. The purpose of this page is merely to entertain anyone who's bored enough to browse it. It contains bits and pieces of my life and should give you some insight into me, the web page's creator, Weird Guy. I suppose eventually I'll make something that will make this page noteworthy, but for now all you can expect is what I have below. Enjoy, and place any comments in my guestbook.

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What the Heck is Weird Guy doing?

Weird Guy's Cool Links

About Me - My personal stats.
My Varsity Swim Season - How I did this season on the Waverly Swim Team.
Dead Baby Jokes - A bit of the humorous grotesque.
Why I No Longer Smoke Cigars - A day in the exciting life of Weird Guy.
Weird Guy's Links - A massive amount of web pages that I have found useful in creating this page, or just plain cool.

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