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Do you realize that the goverment is probably seeing you access this page at this very moment? Have you ever thought about who is in that car behind you as you drive down the freeway? UFOs are real. The goverment knows it. And I'm out to prove it. I hope this site I set up on my road to the truth will help you along yours. The whole reason I set up this site is to help me and people across the world uncover the trechery of our goverment. This is my UFO/conspiracy site. I'll put lots of information here. I'll also have some government documents and UFO pictures that you can download from this site. I also have links to some of my favorite UFO related sites. Also use my search engine for even more resources. I hope I help you on your search for the truth. I know this has been used a lot in the past, but I'm gonna use it again anyway. THE TRUTH IS IN HERE!!!

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A theory from one of our patrons

Area 51


Robert Lazar and How UFOs Travel

Alien Pictures

Extraterrestrial encyclopedia

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