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Cagiva 200

I found this magazine article on the Cagiva (Below) But since its really hard to read I decided to put it what it says in text right here:

Theres a winning new color theme turning up at the races more and more these days, and its a design that you'll ?? probably be seeing a lot these from the winners circle. Its orignal orange and green colors of Tricky Dick's ??? wheel racer?. What you've never heard of the name Cagiva (pronounced Ca-tee-va) before? Read on, Cagiva motor Icata S.p.A. ? a major ??? ??? ?? motorcycle ?????? when produced that range from large displacment street bikes 10 ??? displacment "wingy dingy" motocross racers. The Cagiva...

Where the question marks are I cant make out what it says. The last sentance doesnt really make sense but thats all I can make out of it. So Heres what we do know.

1. Its Pronounced Ca-tee-va
2. Its Orange and Green Colored
3. It was made overseas, In Italy
4. Its a 200cc 2 stroke
5. We dont have any true weight messurements but I'd say its down there with the Tiger 250.

Cagiva 200 Pictures

Another picture out of a magazine, looks quite a bit like a Tiger

This is that Magazine Article Thats typed out Above

Here's a side view of the Cagiva. Look at that huge rear shock!

Here's the Cagiva Racing

Ouch, looks like somone went a little to high

Motor of the Cagiva
Thats all there is folks, but if you have any info please email us. Any information would be excellent.

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