PimpyTheClown's De-Constructive Resources This site is still under construction.
Welcome, unworthy mother fucker.  If you are hoping to find some bit of information to add some meaning to your 
pitiful life, you've come to the wrong place.  If you're here just for some 'k-rad 411' on blowing shit up just leave.  You
don't fit in here.  You never will.  If you're like me and all this fucking idiocy around you is starting to develope some 
seriously phsycotic hatreds and all you need is a little relief, you are welcome here.  I try to add and update as often as
I can.  If you have any comments or suggestions submit them to my eh-mail link below for my devine speculation.

                         Spudguns are some of the most entertaining things I've ever created.  If you ever make one,
Spudgun R & D Lab          you will agree, I'm sure.  This page is updated frequently, whenever I create a new design
                                                  or find the time so check back regularly.

Propaganda                         A window into my mind (minus the swirling colors, vivid carnage, and mild stimulants).

Coolin' Links                         Most of the net is useless, but these few sites shone through the smog.