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Gerlach's Great Outdoors

My wife and I are teachers in Akiak, Alaska. When I'm not in the classroom, I spend my time outdoors. There are no roads into the area. Travel is by boat, snowmachine or airplane. Here's a peek at my backyard. Enjoy your visit.

Kilbuck Caribou Hunt

This is only half of the herd that walked past our camp last spring. We were camped in the Kilbuck mountains, 40 miles from home--a 2-3 hour ride by snowmachine.

In the Twilight

Snowmachines are the main mode of travel out here. This photo was taken on the way home from a successful hunt on the tundra. I was about 6 miles out of Akiak, on a beautiful October afternoon.

Winter Hunting

This was a Thanksgiving hunt. The temperature was around -20, so it made for some cold skinning. My family relies on wild game and fish as the only source of red meat. I have a smoker that I use to make jerky, kielbasa, snacksticks, brats, and various sausages.

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