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People Of WalMart

Yes, they were playing strip poker on aisle 3 & that's how I lost my pants.

No, I can't imagine why match.com cannot find me a partner.

Psst, I think your wig fell off.

Bronx Cheer......I get it now.

He's the only one that could pull off white shoes after Labor Day.

Take a hint, the Michelob Light isn't working.

First stop, fried chicken. Shucks no thighs!

She won the Moe haircut contest.

Let me guess. You went to an exorcism & your head got stuck.

The view couldn't have gotten worse. This is a win-win situation.

Hey, the ink on your probation paperwork was not yet dry when you sat on them.

I was going so fast when I saw this great bargain, slammed on my brakes & my pants just flew off!!!

Madam Pompadour's long lost cousin?

Hey, it's Mark Spitz. He ran out of pool supplies.

It was terrible, I was trapped in this deep, dark, smelly place & I finally worked myself out.

It's orthopedic. This outfit keeps her from becoming hunchbacked.

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