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Senior Tennis Schedule
Bentonville 2-8-09 @ 1:00 pm  @ Walton Fitness Center
Bella Vista 2-22-09 @ 1:00 pm  @ Fort Smith Athletic Club
Jim Arnold 3-05-09 @ 7:00 pm @ Fort Smith Athletic Club
Bentonville 3-08-09 @ 11:30 am @ Fort Smith Athletic Club
Jim Arnold 3-12-09 @ 7:00 pm @ Fort Smith Athletic Club
Bella Vista 4-05-09 @ 1:00 pm @ Bella Vista outside courts

May 15-18 Senior State Championships Burns Park, North Little Rock

From Southern League Tennis

The Arkansas Dynasty

Approximately 100,000 players participate in USTA League Tennis from the nine states that comprise the Southern Section. Of  these,only about 2,400 players are able to participate in the "World's Largest Tennis Tournament."  Less than 2.5% of League players get the privilege of competing in the Southern Sectionals for an opportunity to be one of the 250 players representing the South at the National Championships.
In spite of overwhelming odds, the Men's Senior Team from Fort Smith Athletic Club has somehow managed to make it to Mobile this year to try once again to win Sectionals. Some USTA players would be thrilled to make it to Sectionals even once. By qualifying seven times in the past eight years is an amazing accomplishment for a state that fields eight to ten 4.0 Men's Senior Teams every year.  It is even more remarkable when you realize the average age of team members from FSAC is 63 years old. Only two of the players from FSAC are in their 50's.
Team Captain, David Scherrey, and several of his players shared insight into their team's success. This team that regularly competes  against other players a decade or more younger can consistently manage to show up at places like Mobile (2001), Louisville (2001 and 2002), Columbia (2004), Charleston (2005 and 2006) and back to Mobile once again this year. A quick look at the FSAC Men's Senior 4.0 Team, reflects a roster with players from many different backgrounds. Several are retired from professions such as a television broadcaster, teacher, retired military, accountant, and insurance sales.  Those still working include a dentist, hospital administrator, attorney, small business owner, retail clerk, and sales. "While our team members are very different in many ways, we all have several things in common. This includes loving the game of tennis, wanting to win enough to practice on a regular basis a couple of days a week, and the fact we like hanging around with each other both on and off the court. The trips we take both during the league tennis season to state and to the Southern Sectionals are always a lot of fun for that reason," adds Scherry.

Bob Moody stated some of the other ingredients are leadership and luck.  "Our two oldest players (Darrel and Tom) will both turn 69 in a few months and they are a good doubles team. They show leadership by holding their own against players almost two decades younger. Tom also leads by setting up the practices and making sure everyone gets to play and feels like they are important to the team," said Moody.

"While we have pretty competitive players,  the last couple of years we have had some luck getting here especially as the team has aged over the last eight years. In 2004, we did not lose a set at state and won fairly easily in 2005," continued Moody. However, last year we won all four of our matches by very close scores. This year we lost a very close match in the State Finals to a team from Little Rock and thought our streak competing at Sectionals was over. Luckily, Arkansas received the wild card invitation and here we are again at Sectionals. We can barely believe our good fortune."

When asked how Arkansas faired at Sectionals, John Cook stated, "Well, we have not won it yet. There are always some good teams at Southern Sectionals that want it as we do." "The best we have done at Sectionals was in 2001. If my memory serves me correctly, we beat Georgia, who won our side of the bracket. While we are older now, we are still going to give it our best. Perhaps this year we will be one of the only wild card teams to go all the way. We will give it our best and see what happens."
Captain David Scherrey got in the last word on the matter. "If we don't get it done this year, we will do our best to get here again in 2008. Whichever way it goes, we plan to have fun and enjoy the moment. It may never come again but it won't be from a lack of effort."
"If we cannot win this year, continued Scherrey, it will be nice to say that we qualified eight
of the last nine years." 

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