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Jury finds Michael Jackson
sleeping with little boys as normal.

I guess you thought the trial was a real Thriller!!
Michael Jackson giving boys wine to drink.....Its ok if you call it "Jesus Juice" (/sarcasm)
Juror says he can't think of anything specific that stands out in his mind that made him decide not guilty. "I can't remember anything at this time". Damn, the verdict was just an hour ago..
This is the same State that send Boxer and Feinstein to Washington year after year after year after year................
Jackson is now free to find the REAL pedophile..........I'm fairly confident he'll find him. In his own bed. Tonight!!!

One juror just called michael jackson, "normal". Michael Jackson sleeps with little boys and this jury thinks it's normal.

I believe I'll sue since I found his nose in my chili....

Jacko just can't leave the little boys behind(s)

Jackson vowed to tour every Chucky Cheese and every Amusement Park looking for the REAL molester.

Jackson Won't Share Bed With Kids Again Yep...his financial situation is so bad that he's going to sleep over at their houses now.

"He's not going to do that anymore," attorney Thomas Mesereau Jr. told NBC's "Today." "He's not going to make himself vulnerable to this anymore."  What's he gonna do, take up with a 21 year old midget?!!!!!!

Jurors will be sending their kids/grandkids to the victory party sleepover at Neverland. They have been ask to bring plenty of  Vaseline!!!!

I bet ACLU and NABLA are celebrating.

This jury did not want to be the ones who convicted Michael Jackson, so... what's the harm in letting him go? He won't do it again, will he?

Just breaking............Saddams Hussein's lawyers in Iraq are demanding Saddam get extradited to Santa Maria, California for his upcoming trial.......

Memo to all pedophiles: find a kid with a liar for a mother and you're home free.


Final Comment:  Only in America can a person start off in life
a poor black boy and end up a rich white women!!!!!

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