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Jesse Jackson Files Lawsuit Over

"Voting Irregularities" during Papal Election
And other comments from Political officials
Tricky Paper ballots led to confusion. Should have been touch screens -Election workers burned all ballots to cover up widespread fraud.  Swiss guards made some of the Cardinals feel uneasy and intimidated. Cardinals had to wait in long lines and show ID to get into the Sistine chapel.

Jesse says "I was denied the right to vote because I'm not a catholic or a cardinal." "It's Bush's fault that they elected a Catholic" "how can it be fair that they let Cardinals vote but won't let a Blackbird vote"

The Democrats are saying that John Kerry will file suit to overturn the vote of the Cardinal from Ohio.

Al Gore remarked Pregnant chads pose a conundrum.

Senator Ted Kennedy said "there are troubled waters the Pope must pass over."

Jimmy Carter said " he was not allowed to oversee the election and the UN was not allowed to run the election process so it was not fair."

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