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Lessons in logic and reasoning for our Liberal Friends.

Below are a few examples of bad reasoning causing bad conclusions.

Though humorous, the principles are based in truth.

IGNORING THE ADVICE OF EXPERTS WITHOUT GOOD REASON: Example: Sure, the experts say you shouldn't ride a bicycle in the eye of a hurricane, but I have my own theory.

FOLLOWING THE ADVICE OF KNOWN IDIOTS: Example: Uncle Horace says eating pork makes you smarter. That's good enough for me.

REACHING BIZARRE CONCLUSIONS WITHOUT ANY INFORMATION: Example: My car won't start. I'm certain the spark plugs have been stolen by rogue clowns.

FAULTY PATTERN RECOGNITION: Example: His last six wives were murdered mysteriously. I hope to be wife number seven.

FAILURE TO RECOGNIZE WHAT'S IMPORTANT: Example: My house is on fire! Quick, call the post office and tell them to hold my mail!

INABILITY TO UNDERSTAND THAT SOME THINGS HAVE MULTIPLE CAUSES: Example: The Beatles were popular for one reason only: they were good singers.

PROOF BY LACK OF EVIDENCE: Example: I've never seen you drunk, so you must be one of those Amish people.

BLINDING FLASHES OF THE OBVIOUS: Example: If everyone had more money, we could eliminate poverty.

BLAMING THE TOOL: Example: I bought an encyclopedia, but I'm still stupid.

TAKING THINGS TO THEIR ILLOGICAL CONCLUSION: Example: If you let your barber cut your hair, the next thing you know he'll be lopping your limbs off.

JUDGING THE WHOLE BY ONE OF ITS CHARACTERISTICS: Example: The sun causes sunburns. Therefore, the planet would be better off without the sun.

I feel Kerry should have won, so he won. He only could have lost via a conspiracy.

Everyone I know voted for Kerry, so logically, no one voted for Bush.

There seems to be an outbreak of a strain of the Jimmy Carter virus: The former president has never realized he ceased to be president in January of 1981; and most of the vocal Dems donít realizeóor wonít admitóthat the majority of Americans simply didnít buy what they were selling.


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