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Bush and Kerry Debate

Questions to John kerry
Question: President Bush and yourself are rich, what suggestions do you have for someone to be as successful as yourself.
John Kerry: You have to have a plan, the plan I had was to find a rich wife. My first wife was very rich worth millions. My second wife was very very rich worth a billion. So the secret is finding a rich wife, and work your plan.
Question: What is your plan for Iraq.
I have a plan for Iraq where the president doesn't have a plan. My plan is a good well thought out plan. Mr. Bush's plan is not working because he doesn't have a plan but my plan will work. I planned my plan before Mr. Bush thought about a plan. It important for the people to know that my plan is a working plan, it will work because I planned to have a plan for the working people. I sincerely hope I have made it perfectly clear how my plan will work.
Question: Could you be more specfic
"I think it's important to show the people you have a plan If you don't have a plan, I don't think people are going to have much confidence in you. But I have a plan. I have a specific plan about manufacturing jobs, a specific plan about how we're going to fight for a fair playing field, a specific plan about science, technology investment. A specific plan about health care. I think you have to run an affirmative campaign, and I think you have to - I have to - show America that I have a plan for the country,  And I do have a plan. And that's what I'm doing talking about my plan"
Question: Besides your plan what other actions would you take in Iraq
I will personally fly over enemy positions in a helicopter dripping deadly Botox from my forehead.
I will send in Howard Dean. Dean will visit with alíSadr and discuss the higher points of Dental Hygiene as well as various varieties of boils and contagious skin disorders. Also I will drop Nair bombs on the insurgents. Without their thick, wooly beards, they'll have no will to fight.
Send in France's legendary Surrender Armada and give those insurgents a surrendering they'll never forget.
Have the UN pass a resolution requiring the insurgents to lay down their arms.
Declare the war "a tie" so as not to hurt anyone's self-esteem. Surely the fighting will stop once everyone feels good about themselves.
Question: In this election who is your most important voter
I will have the support of what is called the silent majority - the dead.
Everyone ignores the graveyard vote; I'm sure they'll support me as one of their own.
The Democratic Party will protect their right to vote, as always!

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