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Kerry Gives  Interview to Homosexual Activist Magazine

 Democratic Presidential candidate, John Kerry, granted an exclusive interview to the national homosexual activist magazine, The Advocate, on September 16.

In the preamble, Advocate writer Chris Bull describes Kerry as "an ardent gay rights supporter." "One of the original cosponsors of legislation banning discrimination based on sexual orientation," he continues, "Kerry has achieved a nearly unblemished voting record on the issue. In 1996 he was the only senator up for re-election to vote against the antigay Defense of Marriage Act. Three years earlier he went before the Senate Armed Services Committee to testify in favor of revoking the ban on gays and lesbians in the military."

The Democrat presidential candidate described Supreme Court Justice Scalia's dissent in the Lawrence v. Texas case that legalized sodomy for the state as an "extreme, homophobic, mean-spirited dissent."

That is EXACTLY the hard hitting, penetrating, in depth interview that Kerry was looking for.

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