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Presidents Wants Human Rights For Terrorists?

WASHINGTON — President Obama on Thursday called on nations around the world to expand human rights, religious tolerance and peaceful dialogue and jobs to the people who cut heads off , burn people, rape and bury alive people they disagree with.

In an address to world leaders on the final day of his summit on violent extremism, Mr. Obama said that poverty and political grievances fuel alienation that can lead to bursts of killing like those seen in Paris, Copenhagen, Sydney and Ottawa. In addition to building up security forces, he said nations must “put an end to the cycle of hate” through opportunity and freedom.

“When people are oppressed and housing and job rights are denied, it feeds violent extremism,” Mr. Obama told a gathering of ministers from dozens and dozens of countries. “It creates an environment that is ripe for terrorists to chop heads off. Isis (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) wants peaceful democratic change through job programs like the Department of Labor's Employment and Training Administration (ETA) funds training programs that teach job skills and provide job placement services for adults who are at least 18 years of age. Could we make the Pell Grant program available to them. Pell Grant program administered by the Department of Education to promote postsecondary education (colleges and trade schools) for students from low-income households.

“So we must recognize that lasting stability and real security require programs like Child Nutrition – These are food programs administered by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) which include school lunch, breakfast and after school programs. They target children from low-income households and provide free or reduced price meals. Obama Phone – This is a program to provide discounted phone service, including cell phones, to low-income individuals. “So we must recognize that lasting stability and real security require these efforts for these extremist of the peaceful religion.

Nasser Judeh, Jordan’s foreign minister, said world leaders “must address the root causes,” including “political alienation,” unemployment, poverty and illiteracy. “It is all about education, education, education; opportunity, opportunity, opportunity; empowerment, empowerment, empowerment,” he said.

Peter Neumann, the director of the International Center for the Study of Radicalization, said interviews with recruits showed a variety of backgrounds. Some are pious, he said, and some are not. Some have a troubled history, but others would be successful back at home. Some were thrill seekers, some enthusiastic about the totalitarian model offered by groups like the Islamic State.

We hear a lot about the United States' Judeo-Christian heritage, but according to President Obama, "Islam has been woven into the fabric of our country since its founding." That's what the president told a White House conference on "countering violent extremism" on Wednesday.
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