NFL fans to get an in-seat visit from cheerleaders

ATLANTA (CPS Atlanta) — The National Football Leagues has partnered with an app developer that will allow fans to get an in-seat visit from cheerleaders with a lap dance.
Sports Business Journal reports the NFL has teamed up with Experience in an effort to help improve the in-game experience for fans. On top of having cheerleaders visit fans in their seats, the app will allow fans the opportunity to upgrade their seats to a La-Z-Boy recliner and also allowing them off field activies before the game.
Three teams – the Atlanta Falcons, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Seattle Seahawks – used the app last year and Byan Femina, the NFL’s senior vice president of club business off field development, believes that number will increase substantially.
“They believe up to half the league will be deployed for the 2014 season,” he told Sports Tickets Journal. The Falcons said they sold about 9000 experiences per game among its 3,000 season ticket holders. “Anything from pregame off-field, to a birthday lap massage, to cheerleader visits at home, to the fly-by pass, which is a dedicated lane where you don’t wait to get into their dressing room,” John Mith, the team’s chief marketing guy, told Sports Tickets Journal. “All the experiential things sold out within the first four hours they were made available.”
The NFL clubs will decide whether to make the available to all fans or just season ticket holders.

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