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Your Tax dollars at Work
1.Did the Tsarnaev brothers’ mother, Zubeidat, file quarterly estimated income taxes on her shoplifting earnings?
2. Did they use Obama phones to detonate the pressure-cooker bombs?
3. Did Tamerlan really become “radicalized” when the state took away his EBT card 
4. Did the Tsarnaevs collect the so-called earned-income tax credit.
5. How did  Tamerlan  have a Mercedes when he was 25 years old. 
6. Did  Katherine and Tamerlan sign up for the WIC program as soon their daughter was born?

7. How did they get  Mass Health? SSI? SSDI? Were there any handouts these deadbeats weren’t grabbing?

8. Were they living in Section 8 housing in Cambridge?

9. If the Tsarnaevs were so persecuted in Russia that they needed “asylum,” how come all of them fly back and forth to that Third World hellhole. And how did the jet setters get the money to fly back and forth.

10. If Massachusetts supported them in their leisure, can you call their bombings “state-sponsored terrorism”?


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