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NBC News Anchor Wishes Obama Were Dictator

During an interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook, NBC News anchorman Brian Williams opined that “the country might be better off if President Obama could simply order businesses to carry out his economic vision.”

The market system is so chaotic and uncoordinated,” Williams complained. “Every firm, every decision-maker is left free to do as he deems best. Wouldn't it make more sense to have one person issue the marching orders for all? That way they'd all be working on the same plan rather than wasting resources clashing with each other.”

Citing the Affordable Health Care Act as an example of what he has in mind, Williams asked “If the government can force everyone to purchase health insurance why can't it force every business to manufacture all of its products in America? Think of the money that could be saved on transportation from not having to import anything, the time saved from not having to make decisions, and the jobs created.”

Williams assured that he personally wouldn't have any trouble following dictates from Obama because “I can't imagine that he would ever lead us astray. In the four years he's been President I don't think he's made a single misstep. I am supremely confident of his leadership.”


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