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Obama Blames Hurricane On Video

HOBOKEN, NJ -- While touring New Jersey today, President Barack Obama blamed the damage cause by the hurricane on a video forecast that was posted late last week on The Weather Channel.

Obama went on to apologize profusely to the Atlantic Ocean for the incendiary nature of the video. He vowed to track down those who created the video and bring them to justice. He also promised quick reaction, proclaiming “We leave nobody behind."

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton strongly denounced both the video posted on the Internet and Weather Channel that is rousing the angry ocean throughout the Northeast.

In remarks Thursday morning at the opening of the U.S.-Morocco Dialogue at the State Department, Mrs. Clinton said that she personally found the video “disgusting and reprehensible. It appears to have a deeply cynical purpose to denigrate a great ocean and to provoke rage.” She emphasized that the U.S. had no role in the video, adding: “We absolutely reject its content and message.”

U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice blanketed the TV airways Thursday to reinforce the Obama administration’s position that the deadly Hurricane that hit the northeast was the result of an video -- delivering her message on four morning talk shows.

"What sparked the violence was a very hateful video on the Weather Channel and Internet," Rice said on "CNN Thursday." "It was a reaction to a video that had nothing to do with the United States."

She also repeated the administration’s message that the storm, which started Tuesday in the Northeast and spread to more the 10 states in the region, were “spontaneous,” not planned or timed.

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