Obama Campaign Buoyed by Welfare Gains

A report just issued by the Congressional Research Service reveals that federal government outlays for means-tested welfare programs have surged by more than 30% over the last four years and now top the trillion dollars per year level. Obama campaign adviser David Axelrod called this “very encouraging news.”

“The entire Republican campaign is premised on the idea that only 47% of the population is dependent on subsidies from the government,” Axelrod observed. “They think that they can count on the productive 53% to carry the day for them. However, this report indicates that their constituency may be smaller than they think.”

“Keep in mind that this trillion dollars of federal spending on welfare doesn't include non-means-tested hand outs to favored constituencies like green energy corporations and the unions,” Axelrod added. “On top of this there are also state and local government programs distributing benefits to reliably Democratic voting blocs. If everyone votes their pocketbooks a vital break-point may have been passed ensuring that the President's envisioned transformation for this country can never be undone.”

Axelrod brushed off polls that seem to be trending against Obama. “We're thinking that the same people who don't want to admit they'll be voting for more hand-outs to themselves to pollsters will, in the privacy of the voting booth, pull the lever for the Democratic ticket. That's also why election day exit polls will differ from the official vote tallies, just like they did in the recent Venezuelan election.”

From: http://azconservative.org/category/john-semmens

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