President Says High Gas Prices Are Sign of Prosperity

In a desperate effort to try to persuade voters that the economy is starting to recover, President Obama touted high gas prices as “proof that things are better than most people think they are.”

“Rising demand is what pushes prices up,” Obama explained. “The fact that gasoline prices have more than doubled since I took office shows that people must be driving more. Since studies show that driving to work accounts for the bulk of most folks' travel I think it's safe to say that the jobs picture has to be a lot better than we've been led to believe.”

The President boasted that “my efforts to boost the price of fuel had to overcome strenuous resistance from my political opponents. The GOP's relentless crusade to open up drilling sites and ease regulations had one goal in mind—thwarting the economic recovery by preventing prices from rising. I'm confident that voters will see this obstruction for what it is and not be fooled into reversing course.”

When Obama took office in January 2009 the average price of gasoline was $1.80. Today it is $3.80. Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu expressed the hope that “similar gains can be achieved over the next four years if the President is reelected."


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