President Humiliates Jon Stewart

President Obama's appearance on the Daily Show turned into a major coup for his reelection campaign. Obama inverted host Jon Stewart's gibe about his response to the Benghazi attack with a crushing rebuttal.

Stewart's suggestion that the Administration's actions were “confused” and “not optimal” seemed to unnerve the President at first as he conceded that the death of four Americans in the attack was “not optimal.” However, the President landed a sound counter blow by pointing out that Stewart offered no better ideas of his own.

“We can sit around and second-guess what we did all day, but can you say what you would've done in my place?” the President asked. “Unless you've got a better plan to offer why tear down what I've done?”"

Stewart's reply “perhaps allowing consulate security to have bullets in their guns or not ginning up some bogus excuse blaming a cheesy video” was cut short when CNN's Candy Crowley emerged from the audience to declare that “I've got the transcript right here. The President is right on this. Let's move on to the next topic.”"

“Thank you Candy,” Obama said. “I think what we've seen here tonight shows that there are two paths this nation can take. We could divisively question every step I've taken to advance a progressive agenda for America. Or we can, as Ms. Crowley demonstrated, all pull together for the common good."

After the show, Crowley admitted that her intervention on behalf of the President had no factual basis. “I don't see my role in life as just some sterile adjudicator of facts,” she bragged. “Our nation's President was under attack. I couldn't sit by and let his credibility be destroyed. Coming to his aid is what any loyal citizen would do.”


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