State Department Says “Other Priorities” Precluded Funding Libya Embassy Security

Despite requests for upgraded security from Libyan Ambassador Christopher Stevens dating back several months before his murder, the US State Department couldn't comply. Resources that could have funded more guards for both the Embassy and Consulate were “unavailable.”

Among the items deemed to be a higher priority: the purchase of 1500 Chevy Volts. The outlay for these costly, yet poorly performing vehicles was part of the Defense Department's “green initiative.”

“In our judgment, providing a few Marines for one embassy or consulate was less important than making this broader commitment to preserving the environment,” said Secretary Hillary Clinton. “Of course, if we had known that the consequence would lead to the death of Ambassador Stevens we may have made a different decision. Unfortunately, there's no 'reset button' we can push to undo what has happened. Regret is an unavoidable cost of having to make choices without the benefit of hindsight.”

Clinton rebuffed Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Darrell Issa's demand for more information about Stevens' murder. “Now is not the proper time for us to be poking around on such a sensitive topic,” Clinton responded. “Any information we might disclose at this time could have repercussions beyond the pursuit of justice for this crime. There's a hotly contested election currently underway in our country. There will be more time to dispassionately contemplate what happened in Libya after November 6th.”


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