White House Takes Credit for Resolution of NFL Refs Stand-off

Football fans have President Obama to thank for the settlement of differences between the National Football League and the referees' union says Press Secretary Jay Carney.

“This thing had been lingering on for months, but within days of the President expressing his displeasure with the quality of the replacement refs the disagreements were settled,” Carney boasted. “This is the epitome of the type of leadership we've come to expect from the President.”

Carney contrasted President Obama's decisive role with that of GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney. “While millions of football fans were suffering from substandard officiating what was Romney doing?” he asked. “There was no sign that he even cared about football. He didn't condemn any bad calls. He didn't even profess to have watched any games. Is this the kind of man voters want occupying the White House?”

Aside from his pitch to voters to reelect the football-loving President Obama, Carney expressed the hope that the returning unionized refs would “remember that the President is a Bears fan and would really like to see them win the Super Bowl this year.”

From: http://azconservative.org/category/john-semmens

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