Racism to Blame for Muslim Terrorism

Tammy Duckworth, a Democratic candidate for Congress in Illinois, warns that racism is to blame for Muslim acts of terror around the world.

“Muslims wouldn't have to riot, blow up buildings or behead anyone if we'd follow a few simple steps to allay their fears,” a hijab-wearing Duckworth contended. “For example, if women would just cover their hair they wouldn't be seen as whores by Muslim men. The men wouldn't be enticed and the women wouldn't be raped.”

“It's also a matter of respect to show sensitivity for others' religious beliefs,” Duckworth added. “According to the Quran, Muslims are required to convert unbelievers. They can't be good Muslims if they don't make that effort. Graciously, Islam has given non-Muslims an alternative to conversion. They can pay the jizya—a nominal tax—and be free from having to convert.”

Duckworth says that refusal to follow the prescribed simple steps increases friction between Muslim and non-Muslim. “If we can't bend a little we have only ourselves to blame for the consequences,” she said.

From: http://azconservative.org/category/john-semmens


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