Administration Unimpressed by Netanyahu's UN Speech

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s speech to the United Nations about the danger posed by Iran's acquisition of nuclear weapons was called unimpressive by Obama Administration spokesman Tommy Vietor.

“Netanyahu's voice is merely one among many,” Vietor pointed out. “On top of that he speaks for a tiny minority of the region's population, most of which hold diametrically opposite views. His self-serving brief for the interests of this minority need to be juxtaposed against the conflicting interests of the majority. I think the President was on target when he characterized Netanyahu's fears as 'noise' he tries to ignore.”

Vietor questioned “whether it might be the time for us to consider how best to serve the greater good of the greater number. The persistence of this Jewish minority in the region is a major irritant. Others have advanced the idea that peace would be more likely to reign if this irritant were eliminated. Seventy years ago there was no Jewish state in the region. Maybe that was a good thing.”

In related news, the US State Department issued a belated apology to passengers of the MS St. Louis, a German steamer carrying nearly 1,000 Jewish refugees that were denied entry into the US in 1939. “We realize that this may seem 'too little, too late,'” admitted Deputy Secretary of State Bill Burns, who asked critics to try to understand FDR's predicament. “President Roosevelt was headed for a tough reelection in 1940. He was going for an unprecedented third term. He couldn't afford to lose the anti-Semitic vote. And, in the final analysis, the 1,000, or so Jews that died as a result was minuscule compared to the six million total.”



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