President Says His Economic Performance No Worse than FDR's

Buoyed by polls showing him pulling away from his opponent, President Barack Obama says “it's time for all patriotic Americans to rally for the common good by giving me four more years.”

The President acknowledged that “things may be tough for many of you, but whatever setbacks you may have experienced are just bumps in the road compared to the existential threat to this country that is posed by the risk that I might not prevail on election day.”

The President declared that the latest report showing extraordinary weakness in the nation's economy “reemphasizes the importance of continuing the work I've done since January 2009. Just as voters reelected FDR in the midst of worse economic news in 1936 than we face today, I'm asking for the same vote of confidence.”

MSNBC pundit Chris Matthews said he found President Obama's position persuasive and asserted that “failure to reelect him could only be due to racism, inasmuch as Roosevelt was reelected with an unemployment rate double the 8% we have today. How could we justify holding our first African-American President to a higher standard than a rich white man? We can't unless we truly are racists.”

In the 1936 presidential election, Franklin Roosevelt crushed his Republican opponent Alf Landon, winning over 60% of the popular vote and the electoral votes of every state but Maine and Vermont. Obama Campaign adviser David Axelrod said he doubted that Obama would be able to duplicate the feat due to “GOP slander, vote fraud and the barely concealed racism of so many Republican voters.”



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